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Created in 2006, ACC is a public relation agency based in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali and operating in about 15 other countries in Africa.

We advise and support any organizations (multinationals, NGOs, international organizations, SMEs…) in the management of their image and their strategic objectives: notoriety, reputation, identity, commercial prospection, awareness, advocacy…

We help them reach their stakeholders, prescribers, especially through press relations, events and the Internet.

Our human-sized organization offers flexibility, responsiveness and confidentiality.

Our added value: a perfect knowledge of local contexts, media, and issues of any organization. Through our values, experience and references, we guarantee services and results at international standards level.

We have set up a network of representatives and partners:

  • In West Africa: Senegal (headquarter), Cote d’Ivoire (offices), Mali (Representative), Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, Gambia, Guinea, Bissau Guinea, Togo, Benin.
  • In Central Africa: Cameroon, Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon, Chad, CAR, Burundi.

We also have partners in North Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, Europe and we support daily other PR or marketing-advertising agencies.

Our vision
Rooted in Africa and open to the world, we want to take an active part in the creation of wealth in the continent.

Our mission
To be a major contributor to the growth of the continent and support other organizations working in Africa in this process.
To contribute to the best positioning for our clients and partners.
To reflect the image of an emerging, positive and forward looking African continent.

Our values
For us, the words “ethics”, “respect” and “transparency” are not just marketing arguments. They are present in our daily practice.
We make a point of being always professional and rigorous, whatever the size of the projects that we lead.
We favor the “human” approach in our professional relationships and we strive to be flexible, responsive and proactive.